Hot Keys + Mouse Scroll for Zoom and Pan

  • 12 January 2022
  • 3 replies

Before yesterday, I was able to use ctrl and shift in combination with the scroll wheel on my mouse to alternate between zooming and scrolling/panning.

Yesterday, that changed and am now no longer able to use those buttons for that purpose.

How can I use the scroll wheel on my mouse to scroll/pan instead of zoom now without taking my right hand off of the mouse?

The option of using the right mouse button to grab and drag is super slow/clumsy when trying to navigate large boards.

3 replies

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Hi @Hobson Bryan!

Thank you for reaching out!

If you want to continue using the mouse wheel for scrolling, select Trackpad in Navigation mode.

With this navigation mode enabled, you will be able to scroll up and down with the mouse wheel. Hold Shift to scroll horizontally.

Hope this helps! 🙂

Thank you, @Polina_E … you are my hero!

feels like this should be the default - zooming by default is a terrible experience