Help: embedded youtube videos stall

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To begin, I do not know if this is a Miro issue. I have to start somewhere.


I use Miro to teach. We just started our school last Friday. i used Miro flawlessly last year. We use Google Meet to connect with our students. I use a Macbook pro late 2011 with MacOS 10.13.6


I made a new board for this year, but the content is basically the same. I put the same youtube URLs I used last year. They are from my youtube channel. (They are SD. They are short.)  


What happens?  (When I am modifying you using the board without Google Meet, all videos play.) Using the same computer as last school year, I can present my Miro board on Google Meet and interact with Miro Elements: notes, shapes, pens. However when I click on the youtube video it either starts and then stalls or it stalls from the start.


I tried it on a Macbook Pro mid 2012 retina with MacOS 10.13.6 and I get the same results. (I cannot upgrade to Catalina because the computer is not mine.)


I tried teaching/presenting on my iPad 6. The youtube videos would play, but I do not know how to channel the audio to the students.


I have not changed my internet plan. The only changes are -I assume- updates to Chrome and Meet.


Any advice would is welcome. Thanks.


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@G Kortum - Thanks for all of the details.

Does the same thing happen when you use the Miro desktop app?

How about Safari?

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Hello, Robert.

I logged into gmail and meet in Safari. I can present my board and play the videos. Participants can see that all is well. However, In Safari, with Meet, I can only present the entire screen. No audio is transmitted. The problem is Google Meet. The only way I know how to share audio is presenting a tab in Google Chrome. I just finished trying class with my wife´s notebook, a Lenova. I do not know the specs. All I know is she bought it 3 months ago.It runs Windows. It is not high end. I was able to teach, but the video and audio playback were smooth, but there was some flickering when I moved the mouse around. (But not touching the board nor elements.)  Our school has decided on Meet as our conference tool.


I assume if my board runs well in the Miro desktop app, I sill will not be able to transmit audio.


If there is a workaround, to send audio without a Chrome tab, I would love to hear it. My MBP works fine for everything else I do.


Thanks for your time,

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@G Kortum - Ahh, okay. This is making more sense. Google Meet appears to only transit sound from a Chrome browser tab.

I do recall a while back being in a--I think it was Webex via the browser--meeting and the Chrome media notifications were pausing a YouTube video that was embedded in a Miro board that I was on. You could try the steps outlined in the following YouTube video - note, the video references “Windows 10”, but perhaps there is something similar in macOS:


Something else I will point out, which may be changed behaviour, is that when a YouTube video is playing in a board, I can click-and-drag the board to move it around and the video continues to play. However, if I single click the board, the video stops.