Free Plan Users can collaborate on 3 active team boards...

  • 4 August 2023
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Dear community, 
I have only one board and it’s in the read-only state. Miro says “Free Plan Users can collaborate on 3 active team boards...”, even though I only have one board… How can I get the full access?

2 replies

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@Mityajko - A Free Plan team only allows for the three most recently created boards to be editable for the team, and not three boards for each member of the team.

If you are seeing a VIEW-ONLY board, then there are currently four or more boards in your team.


Many thanks @Robert Johnson!
(and sorry for the late reply 😇)

I have rather this case:
> The board becomes inactive because it was created as private when on the paid plan. Since board privacy is not supported on the Free plan, the board gets locked and available for the Board owner and explicitly invited users for viewing only. When hovering over the board you'll see the message: Free plan users can collaborate on 3 active team boards. Private boards are locked.


Found what needs to be done on the link you provided. Many many thanks!