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  • 8 December 2021
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We have 2 licences on the Team Plan and seem to have some Free Members with the rest being Guests.  Please can someone explain to me how this works i.e. how many free Members do you get on the plan, what access does being a Free Member provide them and how can you swap a Guest with a Free Member?

4 replies

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@Dionne Hairsine - There have been a number of changes as of late. In fact, it has been so fluid that I’m not sure I will have this 100% right, but I’ll share what I know and what I have tested.


The Guest feature was enhanced and is only available for Consultant and Business Plans. For the Team Plan, you will have to use the Visitors feature. You would use this if you want a new team member to be able to access the board. You configure this by setting the board’s Share settings to Anyone with with the link → Can Edit/View/Comment.

Free Members

This is where you have added a non-team member to the board with view-only access:


This is how the member now appears in your Team Plan profile settings → Users page:


The fact that it shows their role as “Guest” is misleading as they don’t have the guest role on your team - they can only view the board you shared with them.

Essentially, aside from the Visitors feature, you will have to pay for any registered users that you wish to have collaborate on your boards. If you were to upgrade to the Consultant Plan, while you would pay ~50% for each of your two licenses, you would eventually have access to the Guest feature (currently in beta). Keep in mind, however, the beta feature are subject to change.

Thank you for your response @Robert Johnson but we have a Team Plan and this is what I can see.  So what I am trying to understand is what the difference is between a Free Member and a Free Guest and if I can change who is a Free Member and who is a Free Guest?


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@Dionne Hairsine - My hunch would be that perhaps the Free “Member” is anyone added before Miro’s recent changes. Once the changes were implemented, the role was changed to be “Guest”.

For a definitive answer, let’s ask Miro support. I will convert this post into a support ticket.

It would be helpful if you could please let us know what the support team tells you.

For future reference--if you never have submitted a support ticket to Miro--you can find the support form link by following the instructions/GIF in this help center article:

Thanks @Robert Johnson and I will let you know