Follow your own iPad from your laptop

  • 2 November 2020
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I’m using Miro in Remote Workshops in my browser and share my screen via Zoom to participants. Now, for some parts of the workshop I have the Miro app on my iPad to make drawings. And as my laptop screen with MIro open is shared, I would like to be able to follow my actions on the iPad within Miro with the attention management feature.

BUT: As I’m logged in with the same user on my laptop and iPad, I’m not able to follow myself. Is there a work-around for this?


Best answer by Robert Johnson 2 November 2020, 19:47

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@aschraner -  This may work, however, I’m not sure if you will have the Bring everyone to me option on the tablet/iPad app. I would try these steps to start:

  1. Open a private/incognito browser window on your laptop.
  2. Browse to your board as a Guest Editor.
  3. When you wanted to show what you are doing on your iPad, from your signed in session on your iPad, select Bring everyone to me.
  4. Then load the private/incognito browser window on your laptop so it is being shared over Zoom.

Now that Guest Editor should be following you from your iPad. Or maybe you will have to had started Bring everyone to me from your signed in browser session on your laptop? Maybe some combination of this will work.