Education Plan - Promoting Team Members

  • 14 December 2022
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Hello Miro Coummunity.

I am the Team Admin for an Educational (FREE) plan that Miro has so kindly allowed us to use. Our team consists of 3 people (including myself). I am leaving the company (College) and I'd like to promote one of the team members as a Team-Admin. As of right now, Miro doesn't allow me that option. The only choice I have is to “delete a team member” not to promote a member to Team-Admin.

Can you guys please help me find a solution to this problem?

Much appreciated!

3 replies

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@Mario Carrillo - This post showed how you would select a new Team Admin at the time that you use the Leave team action:

In that post, I had copy-pasted an FAQ from the Education Plan help center article. While that FAQ has been removed, I believe leaving the team is the only way you can select a new Team Admin. 

Hi @Robert Johnson 

This worked perfectly! I appreciate you taking the time to answer my question. For anyone looking for an answer to this issue (Educational Plan in my case):

  1. Leave the team (DO NOT Delete Your Profile - doing so, will delete any boards created by you)
  2. Upon leaving the team, Miro will ask for you to transfer your superpowers to someone else within your team.
  3. Voilá - you are free and clear to keep changing the world.
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@Mario Carrillo - I’m glad to hear this worked for you. And thanks for sharing the steps that worked for you!