Ed Plan - invite as guest?

  • 3 April 2024
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I’m trying to invite users as guests, and on an Ed Plan. I’m a team admin, and am getting confusing information about company admin (or not), but really need to enable inviting people as guests.


I am able to change a role to guest once invited.  But that feels like a lot of extra steps.




3 replies

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@BetsyBlockCSUS - The Education and Starter Plans only support Guest Commenter and Viewer roles as per the Plans and features available help center article:


To clarify what is going on, what do you see when you go to your Team Profile page:

and then:


And, when you changed someone’s status to a Guest, what permissions do they now have, e.g.:


If you changed their access to “can Edit”, they should now appear as a full member on your Team profile → Team users page as a “Member”.

Well, harumph.  I had a feeling, but this isn’t what I wanted to hear.

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Sorry 🙁