Deleting Team Admin who no longer works at company

  • 24 July 2020
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Hi all, 


Apologies of this is not the correct place for this question (couldn’t find a way to context Miro directly). 


I need to delete my Miro team admin as they haven’t worked at this company for several months. Does anyone know a way that I can transfer admin to a different team member? 




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5 replies

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@Ollie Black -

In the Users page when you edit your team settings, you can make this change:


Hi all, 


I have the same original issue as Ollie, however Kiron’s solution doesn’t work for me.

Our sole Team Admin left the company many months ago and we can’t access her inbox to login to Miro and transfer ownership. Because the remaining profiles are all ‘members’ only we don’t have the rights to ‘grant team admins’ or ‘delete users’, so it appears we’re stuck... 


Any ideas much appreciated?

And if not, how do we reach out to Miro other than via Sales or General enquiries which sounds long. 




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@James Dowdell - What type of plan do you have an what are you trying to accomplish? (E.g., upgrade the team from free to a paid plan? Just have an admin?)

If you have a Free Plan team and want to create a new Team Admin, you could create a new Free Plan team and add everyone to that team, and move the boards there too.

The steps are:

  1. Someone create a new Free Plan team using an email address they have never used with Miro before - e.g., Bob is a current team member and his email address is and he sets up the new Free Plan team using
  2. Once Bob creates the new team, Bob should invite his work email address to the team, e.g.,
  3. Bob should then make a Team Admin.
  4. Now Bob should invite all of the current team members to the new team and make at least one other person a Team Admin!
  5. Once everyone in n the new team, they can use the “Move to account” option for their boards to move them to the new team - NOTE: If the previous admin was the owner of any of these boards, you can duplicate the boards and move the duplicates.
  6. Once everyone and everything is in the new plan, Bob can delete as a user.
  7. Everyone else can choose to Leave the old team or continue to be team members on it - now they would have two (or more) teams in their Miro dashboard:


Thanks @Robert Johnson that worked! 

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@James Dowdell - I’m glad to hear that as those steps are not well known/obvious and writing them out can still be confusing.