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  • 17 January 2022
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I am a contractor for a company and was able to share things directly with the company team.

Between contracts my account was deleted (not by me!) - and when they reconnected me all my boards had gone.

My contract email address is

A board entitled PLM Team Proposal was here

I have

  1. Checked my trash
  2. Asked team owner to help recover
  3. Tried logging via all other emails I own (no such miro accounts exist but hey desperate)
  4. Currently trying to understand what process is followed when  contractor leaves the business wrt to Miro team… no answers yet!

I have lost 3 months of work and am desperate - can anyone suggest anything!  It never occurred to me to backup my work from the cloud?!

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@Paul Booth -

When your account was deleted, the boards associated with your account might have been transferred to someone else or they would have been deleted. It looks like whoever removed your account did the latter. My guess is that the ownership would have transferred to the person who did that deletion so if they access the same board URL they should have the ability to restore it from where they could perhaps make a local backup copy for you to restore in your own account.