Creating unique collaborative whiteboard with client

  • 17 January 2022
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I’m getting used to this interface and really love it. As a solo practitioner living remotely, it’s a great way to share/communicate design work with clients.

I’ve subscribed to the Consultant Plan, with the intention of creating private boards for my own use, and enabling access for clients and or other professionals as project require. Those involved may or may not subscribe, and clients likely would (if they are inclined) to subscribe to the free plan, and be able to interact (ad stuff, make comments).

I’m not clear on how to navigate these permissions, how to set that up, nor clear how collaborator status (with defined terms, guest/visitor/team member) is assigned. Is a client a guest? or a visitor? Can they collaborate or just view the whiteboard?

So sorry if this question has too many tiers...

6 replies

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@Conrad T -

As you are on the Consultant plan, you could create separate Teams for each client to fully segregate boards and access by client. Then, depending on what access your client collaborators’ require, you might find the best option is to use the Visitor (formerly anonymous guest editor) access method which is free and still provides access to most of Miro’s features. That is granted on a per board basis. That is what we use for the classes we teach - we set each class up as a separate team, and then provide board access via the Visitor method to the learners.


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@Conrad T - The breakdown would be as follows:

  1. Team Member (paid) - You would all a member to your Consultant Plan as follows:
    Team profile settings:


    Now this person is a paid member of your Consultant Plan subscription and could be added to as many team spaces that you create in your subscription.

  2. Visitors (no cost) - You would set the board ‘s public/visitor/”Anyone with the link” access to “Edit” and share the board link with them - no Miro account is required by a visitor.

    You can also password protect the board.

  3. Guests (no cost) - You can add a registered Miro user to the board and set their permissions here:

Note: Visitors and Guests can only be added at the individual board level - you cannot add them at the team or project level.

Thanks for your replies.

I suspect part of the grey areas for my case my lie in the fact that some of the categories, subscription types, etc have evolved. The Consultant Plan may have evolved to fill a niche like mine, where I work alone, and collaborate with other professionals, clients, and/or both in varies ways. I seem capable of adding “Guests” to my “Team”, but I didn’t want is for them to permanently part of my team and all my different projects. Joining/adding them to “Projects” would be more appropriate, but permissions in “Projects” seem to limit collaborative access for “Guests”, where permissions for “Guests” in a “Team” can access and collaborate using tools in my plan.

This seems like a workaround, but nevertheless creating a separate “Team” for each project is what I’ve set up. “Projects” seem appropriate for my own work, and should I need to collaborate with another entity on a regular basis, I could just migrate board(s) to a new “Team” as needed. Or, should the permission structure of “Projects” be changed in the future, then leave it where it is. 

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@Conrad T 

I seem capable of adding “Guests” to my team.

To clarify: Do you have the option of adding Guests at the team level? I do not see this:


Or do you mean you can add Guests to boards, and these Guests later show up in your team’s list of active users as “Guests”:


Hmmm… yes I see your point. 

I seem to have been turned around several times trying to apply my situation to the structures offered. I believe I added them as guests (non-members) to the “Team”, and therefore “active users” to all the boards. But I may be wrong. I just want to figure this out so I don’t send my client into various directions trying to collaborate on their project! I do believe though that when I was navigating a test “Project” subset, that permissions did not grant collaborative powers to non-members (ability to add notes, comments, upload images, etc.) I even thought that guests would be able create a board within the Team folder, but maybe that’s not possible anywhere?

Thanks for your input

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@Conrad T - Guests cannot create boards, along with other restrictions: