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  • 20 August 2020
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Hello everybody. During a workshop a guest has deleted all of the content that we had been working through. Everyone was asked to hit ctrl-z to try to undo but it didn’t work. The activity tracker only indicates that it was deleted by guest i.e. doesn’t specify which guest. I’m wondering if there is a way to discover specifically which guest has made the deletion so that they can be asked to keep hitting ctrl-z until the information comes back? Everyone was asked not to go back to the dashboard so that the changes won’t be locked in. The activity tracker also only indicates what was on the deleted sticky notes in some case but only the minority so I can’t copy everything back from there.

Thank you.


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@Michael O'Brien -

Unfortunately, Anonymous Guest Editor access IS anonymous and even the pseudonyms provided for anonymous guest editors are recycled once you have enough of them. The only recommendation I can make which I do regularly in my workshops is to download board backups after key updates have been made.


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Hey everybody! 

I’d like to assure you that this issue is in our focus now. As a first step, we’ve just released Content Recovery feature which allows you to restore recently deleted content from Activity List. All editors except Guests can use it to restore content.

You can read more here

Please try it and share your feedback.



I just accidentally deleted a full text box on a board (not even sure how this happened) and the recovery feature is NOT showing it as being deleted.  control Z did not work.  Hours of collaborative work lost.  We were seriously considering upgrading this for our entire company but can’t do so not unless this get fixed.  Very unfortunate… and seems like such an easy fix.



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Hey @Richie! I’m sad to hear you experienced this issue. Please send me a DM with details, and we’ll try to figure out what happened and fix any found bugs.