Changing the focus of the root

  • 22 June 2020
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I am used to NEO4J, which is a graphical database, hence my question.

Is it possible to change the root of the drawing?

For example:

I have Customers, Products and Users

If i choose customers as the root, i can see what products they are using and the users of those products.

Alternatively, I can click on Products, and see what product a customer, is using.

Can i change the rendering of the the connections i have drawn out for different audiences?


Example below, i drew a line between “all users included in free plans” and “Give premade-templates a try”. and Miro Mind Map is the root. Can i change the root to “All users including free plans” and see the connection between availability and “give-pre-made templates” as the first nodes?


1 reply

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@Ryan Ramsey -

I think this might be going beyond the concepts of a mind-map and making it more of a dependency map. I’d suggest adding it as a wish-list topic to create such a beastie here: