Can we copy post it notes from one board to another?

Miro is great for helping to visualize the customer journey. What I’d like to do is be able to take the topics we place for specific areas in the customer journey and place them on an editorial calendar.


Example: Trello is great for this, but lacks the visualization component. 


This is what I want: Be able to map out customer journey, then copy topics (post it notes/squares with text) into an editorial calendar.


Is this possible?

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Hi @Anj Bourgeois! It's definitely possible to copy a sticky note in one board and paste it in another. Just mark the note or notes, click cmd+c (or ctrl+c if you're not on Mac), open the other board, click cmd+v (or ctrl+v).

It's also possible to export the data:

Can I export text from sticky notes?
- Yes, select the stickies, click the three dots on the context menu, and choose Export to CSV. You can also export your board content as an image or PDF

(From the Help Center article covering sticky notes)

Hope that helps.

Thanks @Henrik Ståhl!


I guess my question would be this, instead:

Is it possible for them to dynamically update?

Like for example, in Notion or Trello were you’re able to look at things in different views as a database


It may not be possible… but it would be awesome

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@Anj Bourgeois - This functionality does not currently exist. You may want to upvote this Wish List idea post:

Thanks @Robert Johnson! I just upvoted it.

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Hey @Anj Bourgeois,

Alyona from Miro Support is here for a moment 👋 

Although there's indeed no built-in functionality you're looking for, what you can do is put all the sticky notes you want to copy to another board in one frame and then embed the source board into a target board. Hopefully, this workaround will make your life at least slightly easier 🙂