Can't install and authorize Figma plugin for my team

Hi Miro Community,

We have been trying to configure the Figma plugin with our Miro team and the ‘Install and Authorize button won’t activate for this specific team but it works for others…What am I missing here?



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Hi @Hugo Emond 👋

Thank you for reporting the issue! 🛠

We’re sorry you’ve run into it but please have no worries - I’ve converted this post into a support ticket and our team will reach out to you shortly via email. Stay tuned! 🙂

Im facing the same issue; Is there any resolution for the above ticket? 

I have the same issue. I am an admin and it says it's waiting for admin approval, but I have nowhere where I can approve it.

Can you also help @Helga?

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Hi @Pedro Paulo Teixeira Ávila 👋

If the Install & authorize button is not active, it means that the Team admin on your team blocked the ability to install the apps for their team members.
As a solution, we suggest that you contact your Team admin and ask them to allow non-admins to install the apps (it can be done in Account Settings > Apps & Integrations section):
Could you please let us know if it helps?
If it’s a no, could you please submit a ticket to our support team? Thank you!

@Helga this button is active already and plugin still can't be installed. I am an admin in my team and still can't install it. 

ins't there a way to reset the request so it can be sent again?



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Hi @Pedro Paulo Teixeira Ávila 
Thank you for the update!
I’m afraid that we cannot reset your request on the backend - it’s not technically possible. We’re sorry about that!

If you need any further assistance from our side, please submit a ticket to our support team. Thank you!