Can't copy images (and only images) from one board to another

  • 21 February 2023
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Since a couple of weeks I can no longer copy images from one board to another and wonder if nobody else has stumbled across this.

I am trying to copy content from one board S to another T. All the elements in S are selected (including images) yet when I try to paste in T I get the message that some elements could not be copied. Turns out it is all images and *only* images. I am the owner of both boards S and T, nevertheless I verified that the permissions for copying board content are set to “anyone with the board access”.

Even if I select only one image and try to c/p that I get the same error message.

I needs to be added that S and T reside in different tenants. S belongs to my own account, T to an agency I work for.

1 reply

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@Christoph Möbius - I vaguely recall an issue some time ago where content from one server/location was not copying to another sever/location.

Have you opened a support ticket?