Board Ruined. Unable to Edit. All items resistant to any changes.

  • 10 June 2020
  • 4 replies

Video here:

4 replies

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@Ryan Hatch -

Have you opened a support request with Miro as this is likely something only their staff could resolve?


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Hi @Ryan Hatch,

So sorry to see your board is not working! I’m converting your message into a support ticket and will ask the team to have a look at it. They will get back to you via email.

As the first thing, can you please try to duplicate this board and see if the copy is okay? 

I experienced this bug as well. When the connection is lost and the board reloads, it brings me in again as a duplicate user. The board elements I was working on before the connection was lost are locked, since it thinks I am still editing those items. Refreshing, logging out/back in, and clearing my cache in Chrome did not resolve it, but duplicating the board and deleting the original did. Would be nice if this bug were fixed though.

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Hi @erosa,

I’m sorry to hear this:pensive:

Thank you for letting us know that duplicating the board helped in this case! If the issue repeats, please reach out to the Support Team at It is very important to investigate the affected board. 

Thank you for your understanding!