Best Practice - VERY large 'User Story Framework Map' board

  • 19 July 2020
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Hello all!


Question: What are some best practices to manage very large ‘user Story framework maps’ without over-complicating entire process of creating user stories for user roles?  



I just discovered this app and I am LOVING it! Its like Trello on steroids mixed with and balsamiq.  really cool software.


Right now I am using Miro to heavily document my ‘social application (think similar to Facebook) user activities, tasks, and stories.  I have over 1500+ user tasks so far.  In my case I have 4 areas of the application in which I have created (4) User Story Framework Map Boards


  1. Public Area (where non-auth users can visit and what they can do)
  2. Standard users (User Type - A) - What authenticated standard user type A can visit and do
  3. Other User Type (User Type - 😎 - what authenticated user type B users can visit and do
  4. App Admin User Type (User Type - C) -  this is like the ‘Facebook admin / Facebook staff user for reference.  This is what all User type c can visit and do.



So I have already broken up the application into ‘areas’. The boards are still VERY large.  Is there a best practice way I can manage this without losing performance or having VERY large boards that are difficult to maintain?



1 reply

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@hamster_elite -

Might make sense to have a single board containing a high-level story map down to the epic level and then individual boards for lower level breakdowns. You could then use URLs to link between them…