Apple Trackpad & Apple Mouse

  • 5 January 2022
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I’m not sure what specifically changed, but I can’t move any selected items on the screen with my trackpad. I have gotten it to work once, but I have no idea what triggered it. Zoom isn’t working like it used to either. My Apple mouse is a little better, but not much. We are all struggling doing the simplest things. What was the purpose to this change? 

1 reply

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@Sheri Poulson - Please confirm that

  1. your board Navigation Mode is set to Trackpad; and
  2. when you attempt to move an object using your trackpad, do you double-tap with one finger while your pointer is over the object and then move your finger?

Also, are you using

  1. a browser (if so, which one); or
  2. the Miro desktop app?