Annual Planner synching between Miro, Google Calendar and project management software?

  • 9 August 2022
  • 3 replies

I work best if I can see the whole year in an Annual Planner which is organised horizontally. So January stretches from left to right, then underneath is February, etc. I need this to sync with Google Calendar. So when I make an entry into one or other of these two tools, it syncs to the other. Ideally this would all link up in some sort of project management software like Asana or or Trello. I'm finding it difficult to figure out if this is possible. Can any experts help me figure this out? Even if this is not a current option, this could be a useful functionality to develop, to put one of the innovative project management software platforms ahead of the competition. Who can help?!?! Thanks!

3 replies

I have the exact same need, and I’ve looked for quite awhile for a solution to this.  It’s surprising to me that the creators of mind mapping / timeline software and online apps don’t prioritize calendar sync.

Hi Chad. Bit strange isn’t it. They’ve all told me it is a great idea and to talk about it on their community threads. I’d rather that a software developer just got on with it. Do you think we should develop it?

Have you found a Digital Yearly Planner that you like? I have the one on Miro, and it would perfect if that just synched up with something...

Cheryl— I’m currently doing a trial of an online app called Taskade.  It leans toward project mgmt / task mgmt, but the diagramming, mind mapping and templates look good and I think will suit my needs for long-range planning and big-picture strategy.  Taskade does do 2-way sync with Google Calendar. The pricing on its site is high, but right now it’s featured on AppSumo—- lifetime deal for one payment, and 60 days to try it… they will refund if it doesn’t work for you.  (No, I’m not affiliated with either company—just looking for a good solution).  :-)