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Is there a way I can make the organisational chart clickable so that if a reader clicks my name for example, my profile or bio can popup ?

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HI @Rory Fagan 

Sorry, I can’t answer your question directly. I have wanted to do this before Miro added the org chart functionality, and the approach I used was to create my own buttons. One button on the org chart would bring the reader to a popup; then a button on the popup would send the reader back to the org chart.

Here’s what I mean: First put a button on the org chart and create a little box with a description, like this:

Then select the “About Arnold” box and use the “Link To” feature to add the link to the popup. Finally select the “Back” box and use the “Link To” feature to add the link to the designed note in the org chart.

It has the advantage, you can move the popup boxes anywhere you like, and the links will stay intact. You also have the freedom to customize the popup box so it looks however you want. It probably has some disadvantages.

Hope this helps at least a little bit!

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@Rory Fagan - To add to @Kenneth Ritley‘s creative solution, if you want the internal Link to arrow to be pointing to the left, you could

  1. create a shape with no background or border
  2. make it a link to an object on the board
  3. rotate it 180 degrees
  4. add some text, e.g., “Back”
  5. and group the shape and text. 

Here it is in action:


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@Robert Johnson  Now THAT is a cool trick!!!  I’ve had boards where I’ve done a backwards/forwards, and this trick perfectly suits the bill!

Many thanks , I will give this a try!