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  • 11 January 2022
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deleted test spaces/boards, and templates 

now it’s saying you’re using ‘3 editable spaces/boards’ even when there’s nothing there

did miro change something for the worst recently?


how to permanently delete spaces/boards?

doesn’t seem like our data is permanently deleted


how do we see all deleted spaces/boards ?


to permanently delete “deleted” (aka: archived) spaces/boards, seems like you have to permanently delete your account. know of any links to see if that’s the case?

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@miruses -

If you aren’t seeing any boards in the Miro dashboard view and it still isn’t allowing you to create a new board under the free plan, it is possible that someone you added to your team might have created a board and not shared it with you (i.e. it is invisible to you). If you remove them from the team, the boards they created should be re-assigned to you as the owner and you could then delete them.