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Hi Miro Community,


My name is Manouska and I am the Community Forum Lead at Miro! Happy to be here with you and have a chance to create this space for all Miro users to connect, collaborate, co-create and share knowledge with each other!

Take a moment to introduce yourself to the rest of the community. Follow this template for a chance to be featured in our monthly community spotlight!

  • Introduction template:    
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    • 💻  Organization + Role 
    • 💛  Areas of Expertise (ie. Product Management, Agile, Design, etc) 
    • 🎨  Interesting Fact About You

Feel free to add any other interesting information or even a fun picture with your pet :wink: This is the best way for all of us to get to know one another!


We can’t wait to get to know you all better and see you create the next big thing in this Miro Community!

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Good evening from Vietnam, 
My name is Nguyen, a Biology lecturer in university. I have just used Miro for one month. I hope I can learn from the community. So great to be here!


Hi, I am Paula. My team just selected Miro to running our first fully remote workshop with 20+ attendees in a couple of weeks
I’m very impressed with the flexibility and richness of widgets, tools and apps. Glad to join the community.

Hi everyone!

I’m Patrice from Nantes, France.

I’m a coach and a trainer in the IT field, specialist of agility and scrum.

I use Miro since the confinement in March. Miro helps me a lot in designing adapted workshops for my remote trainings.

I’m interested in sharing my Miro experience with the community and learning from others.

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Hi everyone!  I’m Annie MacLeod and Project Management consultant, coach & mentor based in beautiful Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada.  I found Miro - or at that time Realtime Board - almost 3 years ago and love it.  I tell folks its the sexiest software I’ve found in about 20 years!  

I’ve partnered with two other folks here in Kelowna to develop the Project Gameboard - a proprietary system to visualize, manage and move your projects from ‘chaos to completion’.  We’ve also integrated key culture components for organizations, project teams and project managers to build high trust relationships and practices.  

We use Miro to do workshops with clients - stickies rule!  We’re also exploring the Miro integrations with PM tools such as Jira, MSTeams, Basecamp, etc.  Really looking forward to learning from this great community.  

Here’s my view from my office and Prince William surveying his domain!  


About 7 years now of Scrum Master, Agile Coaching and ASPE Agile instructor, I’m impressed with your experience level and vision with Miro and the Project Gameboard. My near term goal is ramping up on Miro functionality for my current client, however, I’m strong with Jira and MS Teams and have been building an integrated environment for a couple years now. Please let me know if you’re interested in collaborating Annie.

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Hello Miro Community, 

My name is Bill Bailey and I approve this message: No, I’ve never been involved in politics , however, I’ve been a strong advocate of the agile methodology for projects requiring a high level of uncertainty and requiring a lot of integration or creativity.  

My interest in Miro is in using Jira Cards and using it for a collaboration tool for Scaled Agile ceremonies and PI Planning. A collaborator by nature and ASPE Agile Instructor, I’m all hands on and highly technical. 

I invite anyone from the Miro community to collaborate actually get some the Miro functionality to actually work. So far, after a somewhat circuitous install process, I have Jira Cards integrated and somewhat functioning with a Cloud Jira instance.  

I have been unable to find a step-by-step video or documentation for how to use the Miro PI Planning template in conjunction with Jira, so having to figure it out step-by-step with my team.

Thanks and looking forward to our collaboration!


Hi! I teach architecture at the University of Illinois. I’m using Miro with our students in the new online reality. This is better than ConceptBoard!


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Hello Community!

I’m so glad to join you (from Toronto, Canada) in learning how to get the most out of Miro. 

I am still a beginner with Miro, I’ve only used it a few times. My primary use (for now) is facilitating creative ideation for an internal design team within a large financial organization.

Like many of you, now that we’re working entirely remotely, we needed to find a tool to help us connect and ideate. I really love how Miro looks and the tools seem very intuitive (and plentiful!)

I’m absolutely open to learning how you use Miro or anything related to brainstorming and ideation.


I go by John. I support groups to achieve their collaborative goals and make better decisions (and better dialogue) by walking with them towards success on Loomio. I’m a worker-owner of the Loomio cooperative & social enterprise. A big part of my work is capacity development, walking alongside teams and individuals, holding up the mirror so they can reflect and take their next step. I am also an owner/ member over at Enspiral, where we do a lot of mutual support, mutual care, and… well… it takes a village to raise an ethical business!

I love exploring, be it places, cultures, ideas, or music (I play, curate, listen, and dance).

Visual communication is a fundamental part of the stack, so I’m glad to hop into this community so we can all raise this practice up together.

Onwards and Awkwards,


I’m Ilja (aka Logan) a fresh, new Miro user @Amgen where I work in our Results Delivery Office. Facilitating workshops and Agile Coaching are just 2 of the things we do in our team on a daily basis. 

I’m getting up to speed with how we can use Miro best in these COVID times where most of our collaboration involves a computer screen and a camera. 

Looking forward learning from y’all. 




I’m Miguel Benavent de B. (Barcelona, 1960), Co Founder B-Ecosystem | Blockchain Entrepreneur | Innovation & Business Advisor. I have worked 30 years in Communication & Crisis Management. Mentoring & personal coach.

In my personal life, I like to travel on a motorcycle, sail and take photography. Besides, I write about life,

Our project: B-Ecosystem is made up of 3 business units that interact with each other and are tokenized: "Network & Projects", a platform (Blockchain + IA) based on reputation, whose objective is to launch innovation projects and / or social impact, the result of the collaboration of talent (entrepreneurs, freelancers, etc.), companies and investors; Solutions (a consultancy based on the platform's talent) and Space (a content producer such as workshops, training and public events).

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My name is James, and I work as an Adjunct Professor at the Tobin College of Business at St John’s University in Queens NY.  I also work in the management consulting world, and have done for most of my career.  I am originally from the UK, but have been in the US for 12 years.

MIRO was recommended to me by a business contact at the BBC, after he had discovered that I teach.

I have recently started using MIRO for an assignment in two of my classes.  In particular, I am keen to introduce my students to new technology that might become widely used in the workplace in the “new normal”, post-COVID 19.  This is a calculated risk, as introducing new technology can distract from some of the underlying learning that you want to achieve, and I am keen not to “overload” students during this difficult period.  That said, I (obviously) believe that on balance, the risk-reward works in favor of my students - time will tell !

Best regards




My name is Sławek. I am a mathematician and a teacher at University of Warsaw (Poland). I use Miro mainly for collaboration with my peers worldwide and teaching. The best thing about Miro is that I can use my stylus to convey hand-written notes so the experience is close to using real black (or white) board.

Kind regards.

Hi everyone,

I am a professor for undergraduate and graduate students at ITESM Mexico, This is a University known as a reference in providing a wonderful learning experience to our students. Nowadays I am practicing with my groups the use of Miro. We do have data analytics projects managed through the Agile methodology and find the tool wonderful for these purposes.

I look forward to learning and sharing our experiences in this community.

Hello. My name is Jay, who makes educational programs for companies in Korea.  I knew MIRO through translation online course 8month ago.

I love the intuitive and infinite possibilities of MIRO. I would like to share many examples here and share my love for MIRO.


someday. i hope share my experiences in this community.


thank you for MIRO.  

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Hi everyone!


I am Jantien. I am a lecturer in interaction design from the Netherlands (Rotterdam) and I teach meanly online at the moment (it is by the way not so much ‘teaching’ but more like guiding and coaching). In workshops etc it is so very nice to work with Miro, they see each others work, it is easy to give feedback, to have discussions etc. They created, based on a prepared board, a whole virtual studio: it is a place they like to work but also hang out. 

In teaching, Miro can be a great support, and for our students who learn to be human centered ux designers it is a perfect way to learn to use all the different tools but also to learn to create their own environment. Mind you: when they come in, they mostly come from schools where they experienced a traditional way of teaching: you learn a topic, have an exam and that’s it. Teachers tell you what to do, what to learn. They are around the age of 17, 18 when they enter our school (Communication & Multimedia Design) and it is probably the first time they get answers like: ‘what would you do, what do you think, what do you want to learn, what would be your first step?” on every question they ask…. So they are asked to be curious, pro-active, self-sufficient and I think Miro helps them to become more independent, more creative, more open about how they work, more inspired by their peers. It is a great tool for how we want to teach!



Hi! I’m Anna - a product designer leading a team in NYC 🍕 We cover UX research to UI hand-off and are a team passionate about fostering collaboration. Now that we use Miro to move through our process I’m not sure how we made it without. I’m excited to learn about how other team are using Miro! 

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Well, I wouldn't let any opportunity to post pictures of my cat pass by, so I might as well sign up for Miro. 

I'm Lisette. Living and working in the Netherlands as a graphic facilitator for my own company 
I help visualize mission vision statements and company roadmaps and other stuff worth communicating but hard to grasp as text only. Like everyone nowadays I work mostly remote. I just discovered Miro and had my first client session 1 day later. So yeah, I love how intuitive Miro is! :heart_eyes:
Looking forward to get more experience with it. 
As I tend to draw a lot and have a Wacom Cintiq and an iPad pro I would love to see some pressure sensitivity in Miro's pen tool. That way I could graphic record while working with clients in Miro at the same time. That's not possible right now and I really miss that. Would be so nice to have people working on frame and me drawing on another frame. 

Hi, I’m John Welty and I was introduced to Miro when looking into Event Modeling. We’re finding Miro to be remarkably useful for exploring and capturing our ideas and knowledge learned in the process.

I don’t know that I have a favorite feature yet. 

Hello all! I’m Andrew, an independent creative based in Toronto, Canada. I help small and medium sized businesses carry their brands online. I learned about Miro in 2019 and started with the free account. I moved to the Consultant plan in April when my business went 100% virtual. The templates are fantastic, allowing me to focus on the flow of my meetings/workshops, instead of scrambling to capture all the goodness. Also - as I’ve brought on more clients - I’ve had a few hiccups with Miro, and this community has saved my (Canadian) bacon. THANK YOU! You folks rock & I look forward to connecting and contributing too!

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Hello all! I’m Andrew, an independent creative based in Toronto, Canada. I help small and medium sized businesses carry their brands online. I learned about Miro in 2019 and started with the free account. I moved to the Consultant plan in April when my business went 100% virtual. The templates are fantastic, allowing me to focus on the flow of my meetings/workshops, instead of scrambling to capture all the goodness. Also - as I’ve brought on more clients - I’ve had a few hiccups with Miro, and this community has saved my (Canadian) bacon. THANK YOU! You folks rock & I look forward to connecting and contributing too!

Welcome, @Andrew Duff and greetings from Regina, Saskatchewan! /=S=/


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Welcome, @Andrew Duff and greetings from Regina, Saskatchewan! /=S=/


@Robert Johnson Hey! where can I get socks like these!  :joy::sweat_smile::rofl:


I’m brand new to Miro, but have seen it in action during a multitude of Zoom calls. I’m looking forward to learning and playing. 

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My name is Alex, I’m an entrepreneur from Moscow.

Using Miro for project management, meetings, and creating new products and sevices.

Also we build a community of teal organizations   (with flat structure and self-organized employees) and make excursions to our company


Here is my facebook:


Happy FriYay! everyone ^.^

Semi-retired Tracy here, wishing you well from Malaysia. Lived the last decade building my career in Singapore, then relocated back home early this year (glad for timing in hindsight as I got to spend the pandemic lockdown with close family).

Started using the mind-map template on Miro to capture ideas compiled from hobbies/passions/interests. Lovely tool and smooth interface.. such a joy to use and share! Kudos!

P/s: will definitely be watching the mind map feature releases, especially excited for the collapsible nodes feature ..*fingers crossed*

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Hello, I’m Laura Agostini. I am a music teacher in the Central Valley of California.  I use Miro to storyboard my video lessons for my K-8 students. We are currently teaching music asynchronous and I need to create 5-6 30 minute vides a week and keep track of what I have done and what I will do for each grade leave!