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Hi Miro Heroes! :wave_tone2:

My name is Marina and I am a Community Manager at Miro. Happy to be here with you and have a chance to create this space for all Miro users to connect, collaborate, co-create and share knowledge with each other :handshake_tone2: 

It will be cool if you introduce yourself here in the thread - share where you work, live, your role, and how you use Miro (share your bigger Miro story here).

Feel free to add any other interesting information or even a fun picture with your pet :wink: This is the best way for all of us to get to know one another!

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Hellooo, Mirobro:wave_tone2:

My name is Lera and I am a UX Researcher and Product Manager. (looking for new job now;)) Also I have experience of my oun business (hairsalon).

I'm excited to see all of you, creative person! I huge lover of Miro, usually use it for research projects, brainstorm, facilitation session or some group activity.

Personally I love travel, have a camperVan, love activity and people, all the time I’m happy meet new people!

Text me here or in Linkedin 👍🏻

Hi everyone!

I’ve been an avid Miro user, but I realize now I’ve spent too little time engaging with the community here!


I’m working as a Design Lead at Owtcome, developing new design frameworks, methods, and digital strategies with a 360 vision of different stakeholders to uncover valuable experiences and insights.

I’m really drawn to solving complex problems through creative thinking, empowering teams to discover their innovative potential by diving head-on into the unknown. I’d love to connect and exchange some thoughts with those who are eager to experiment and co-design :)

I’m happy to connect and have a chat here as well



Hey everyone! 

My name is Andy (He/Him) and I’m an Illustrator and Graphic Designer from the UK. 

I recently fell in love with Miro while working within a distributed team on a branding project, and can see a lot of scope to use it throughout the type of work that I do.

Ive been WFH for about 15 years now, and have worked within a variety of industries including environmental and sustainability, video games, and medical.

In my spare time, I love to play video games, watch movies, and spend time visiting new places.

I'm a husband, parent, coffee nerd, and vegan.

Connect with me on LinkedIn

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Hello everyone,

My Name is Maria and I am a Program Manager for a BPO Company . For me, Miro has been essential to run and participate in product development strategies, retrospective sessions, roadmap building, user flows and more. I am still learning Miro as it has so many things you can leverage it for.

Looking forward to learn more about Miro capabilities !😎

I am based in Managua, Nicaragua and I have 3 dogs 🐕

Assistants :)

You can also find me in LinkedIn.

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Hello Miro Community! 👋🏻

My name is Hannah Kopytko and I am a technology instructor at my provincial Polytechnic. 🎓 

Prior to my career as an educator, I worked as a systems developer and lived on my Miro boards.  Miro was introduced to me by @Robert Johnson (hi Rob!) when we were working together and I was forever changed. I was opened to a world of online collaboration like never before!


As a creative individual with a background in design, I was naturally attracted to Miro.  The intuitive design, colourful objects, and powerful features give me the freedom to visualize complex ideas with ease (and easily impress anyone I am presenting to!).  I now use Miro in the classroom and encourage students to check it out whenever they can as I feel it is a vital tool for our modern industry. 

I joined this community in hopes to connect with like-minded individuals and expand my knowledge and skillset with Miro.  Outside of Miro and work I enjoy cooking 🍳, gaming🎲, reading📚, and gardening🌱. Looking forward to connecting with you all!


Hannah Banana 

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Hey, glad to finally see you here @Hannah Banana!!! ❤️❤️❤️

Hi, everyone. My name is Randi Proska. Currently, I am teaching Informatics at one of Indonesian public university. I am using Miro for teaching Project Management and software development.

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Welcome @proska99 ! 👋🏻 I also use Miro for my project management class. I encourage students to use it during their daily stand ups and also a mapping tool.  Perhaps we can connect sometime and share ideas!


I’m a business coach, practicing out of Southampton, UK. I’m experienced in the high performance space (ie Brendon Burchard, CHPC), and in addition to this kind of coaching I specialise in Emotional Intelligence skill upgrades and in Mindset upgrades!

It would be great to collaborate with others in the Miro community. I have followed the work of Frederic Laloux since around 2015, and just love his concepts of self management, collaboration, teal organisations, etc. I truly believe we each carry a super power which is magnified when we work with and along side others. 

Greetings Miro Community.

My name is Eric Machan Howd. I’m a poet, musician, and educator in Ithaca, NY. I work with Ithaca College as their Director of the Office of Extended Studies, teach professional/technical writing for a national tech-writing certificate organization, and direct music (choir director, pipe organist, and pianist) for a church. I am also a published poet.

I usually don’t involve myself in software communities but Miro is special to me.




Hi everyone! I’m Michal, a UX designer in the process of transitioning out of my previous career. After many years working in the arts--as an artist, educator, as well as in galleries and museums--I decided it was time for a change.

I work for a climate startup at the forefront of carbon removal gifting. It’s challenging to be in a new career and also a new industry, but that makes for lots of growth opportunities.

As a freelancer I don’t get to use Miro nearly enough with my team. We’re bootstrapped so I have to rely on the free Miro account for now. Any holiday specials on account upgrades? 😉

Grateful for this powerful tool, and I can’t wait to use it more frequently in the future!