Mon, Nov 20, 4:30 PM - 5:30 PM (UTC)

Remote 3.2 : Innovate Faster, Facilitate Smarter

About this event

How do facilitators & creators save tons of time streamlining their workshop preparation? Join us for a 1-hour virtual event hosted by the Miro community experts. In this interactive session, you will dive into the art of efficient workshop preparation through template design.


More about this session: 

Gather with Miro Community members around the world and learn from experienced creators and facilitators as they guide you through the process of designing and utilizing templates to enhance your remote workshops. Discover innovative techniques, best practices, and practical tips that will elevate your virtual collaboration experience. Don't miss this opportunity to elevate your remote workshop facilitation skills and unlock the secrets to successful virtual collaboration!


What you’ll learn: 

Increased Engagement: Discover how thoughtfully crafted templates can enhance participant engagement, encouraging active participation and collaboration during remote workshops.


Adaptability: Gain insights into designing versatile templates that can be easily adapted for different workshop formats, ensuring flexibility in your facilitation approach.

Confidence Building: Acquire the confidence to lead engaging and productive remote workshops, equipped with the skills and knowledge to create impactful visual materials.


More about the hosts:

Meet Nina! Nina is a human-relations psychologist, Miro expert & enthusiastic workshop facilitator. From the strategy & agile studio Switch to Eleven, Nina is dedicated to helping teams and companies implement new ways of working with the purpose of creating a more human & customer-centric approach, where diverse & autonomous teams work with each other & create a collaborative & innovative environment. Nina is also certified as a self-management expert (Semco Style Institute) and Certified Scrum Master by Scrum Alliance. Her templates on Miroverse specialize in helping teams with their team dynamics. She presents her work in transforming companies from hierarchies into self-managed ones at various international conferences, such as Agile Prague & others.


Meet Boris! With nearly a decade of experience as Head of Product, Boris has a strong background in design and expertise in facilitation and design thinking. Boris began his career at Renault Group in 2010 as the Digital Creative Director, where he established an in-house digital innovation lab to assist Renault-Nissan Alliance brands in navigating the digital landscape.

Co-founder of the INTERSTELLAR expert collective, he led digital transformations for major companies including Airbus, Ratp, Crédit Agricole, and Capgemini. His adept facilitation and design thinking skills, honed through these collaborations, played a vital role in driving innovation.


Multiple time nominated for his contribution to the Miro community and ecosystem on the Miroverse, he's certified as an Ecodesigner by the Green IT institute and as a Product leader by the Thiga Academy and has a track record of successfully launching impactful digital products for prominent enterprises.


More about Remote Events:

Building on the success series of the "Remote 3.0: An exploration" and "Remote 3.1: Crafting Tomorrow's Digital Workplace" events, this session leverages its popularity in the creative and facilitation community. It combines both technical and psychological approaches to remote work.

The session utilizes the most advanced board design framework, RSPRINT for Miro, to implement various Miro core functionalities, including notes, cards, reactions, timer, presentation mode, and Miro AI to cluster ideas.

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Online event
Mon, Nov 20, 4:30 PM - 5:30 PM (UTC)