Thu, Sep 14, 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM (UTC)

Remote 3.1: Crafting Tomorrow's Digital Workplace

About this event

How can a tool help support the organization (and not the other way around)?

Discover how Miro empowers teams to break silos, foster cross-functional collaboration, and adopt new ways of working in your digital workspace. Gain insights to implement organizational changes effectively after the session. Join us in shaping innovative work methods for the modern digital workplace.


Featuring @NinaSwitch11 from SWITCH TO ELEVEN and @Boris Petrovitch Njegosh from INTERSTELLAR, the R 3.1 session combines both technical and psychological approaches to designing new ways of working, with a well-identified facilitator from the global community.

Nina's Advantages :
Nina is an acknowledged psychologist and a specialist in new ways of working. She holds certifications in self-management and agile implementation. This year, Switch to Eleven received the Agile Business award for excellence, alongside Vodafone, BP, Capgemini, and others. Nina has also presented successful cases at Agile Prague and the Global Scrum Gathering in Amsterdam. She is recognized as a Miro expert and has conducted a Miro Dojo workshop for the Miro & NDB community.

Boris's Advantages:
Boris draws from his extensive consultant experience in large-scale digital transformation programs within industries like banking, aerospace, and mobility (Airbus Group, Credit Agricole, RATP group, Capgemini Invent, etc.). The session is enriched with real case success stories and Boris's expertise in Miroverse rewarded template design, backed by his comprehensive knowledge of the Miro platform (5 verified badges + Consultant Community).

Advantages of R 3.1:
Building on the success of the "Remote 3.0: An exploration" event, this session leverages its popularity in the creative and facilitation community. It combines both technical and psychological approaches to remote work.
The session utilizes the most advanced board design framework, RSPRINT for Miro, to implement various Miro core functionalities, including notes, cards, reactions, timer, presentation mode, and Miro AI to cluster ideas.

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Thu, Sep 14, 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM (UTC)