We need a really good facilitator/participant permissions tool

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Being selfish of my own needs as a facilitator, this is the best post so far in the forum, @Alan Heckman. Thank you for the great summary. All those are high priorities to me. Even higher than Miro-Zoom integration!

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@Sebastian Schreiner  I accidentally hit best answer on your reply… I meant to just like it! It is a great reply but I am hoping for some input from the Devs

@Marina if you have the power to remove the best answer designation from Sebastian’s reply I would be grateful if you could do it!


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Completely agree. As long as tools in Miro to support live facilitation and workshops especially with non-regular and/or non-technical users aren’t in better shape I can’t in good conscience recommend Miro to my organization over Mural.

And it pains me, because I prefer the underlying platform of Miro.

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Very good summary :v:.Tks