Thu, 1 Dec, 16:00 - 17:30

Miro Dojo: The 5 Cs of Template Creation 🎉

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Join us at 5 pm CET via this link:

Designing a workshop template from scratch is hard work.

Where to start? What are the best practices??

Join the first Miro Dojo to learn the 5C's of template creation: 



🌞 Creation

 🎉 Colors


From blank space to a usable template. Our NDB community Miro senseis Nina, Tricia and Vitalij will guide you through the process. 

📌 You'll leave the session with your own icebreaker template.

About the speaker:

Vitalij Malahov is an innovation & problem solving facilitator at SKOPOS NOVA. Just in time with the pandemic, he got on his rollercoaster of becoming a facilitator. His work was born in UX research and took his way to facilitating design sprints, strategy workshops and customer journey mappings for companies of different sizes and industries. Miro became his best friend to conduct remote workshops of all kinds.

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Thu, 1 Dec, 16:00 - 17:30 (UTC)