Is there a way to make objects into groups via SDK?

  • 1 May 2020
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I currently am making an app that has cards that you can move around inside the board, and just want one SVG image of the card and have text that I can change since the messages can be changed from time to time, and making hundreds of SVG images with different text is not exactly ideal.


So I want to be able to create and image object and group it up with text, so I can drag the card around and have both image and text intact.


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7 replies

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Unfortunately, this is not available at the moment. I would love to have that possibility too.

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Sorry for the late reply, thanks for the info, sad I can’t do this since it is kinda vital to make what I need.

I definitely need this functionality. I wonder if implementing this functionality is so hard, as the SDK already supports selection. Please let me know when this functionality could be available.

At least, if I’m able to access the HTML element for the miro board, I could send ‘Ctrl+G’ command manually to group the selected elements. Let me know if I can get the HTML element for the board using SDK.


Is there a way to update a frame by adding a child by the id using the API?

It would be great to be able to load up a board with frames as categories and load the frames with cards.




We also need to group the items in frame through SDK, Is it still not available?


Hey! We would also love to have that feature, any plannings on that available?

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Hey everyone! This capability is now available in our Web SDK. You can find more details and an example here: