[RESOLVED] Can't move/delete kanban card

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I was able to delete it an hour later in the same prezo, so I can’t reproduce to try a different browser.  However, it’s odd to see this marked solved since it is clearly impacting enough people to attract several replications that report here.

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@George Davis -

are you able to access the board using an alternate client to see if that enables you to clean up the unwanted cards - e.g. if you normally use a web browser, try the desktop app?


I am having the same problem on 86.0.4240.111 .  Waiting a day is not a great solution since we are testing MIRO for client presentations!

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I’ve also had this happen during a recent workshop where a card refused to move from one column in the Kanban board to another. A day later, no problem.

I’ll chalk it up to solar flares :joy:


I have the same problem but nothing will make the box go away. I am using the miro app on my mac. Does anyone have a solution? I’ve had this before where waiting for the next day unfortunately doesn’t solve the problem for me. 

It also will no let me delete the template the box is in either.

@Kiron Bondale 
It is quite a funny sensation. I m using Chrome. Not sure what helped, clearing cookies with ctrl+f5 didn't for sure, but the next day I’ve tried deleting it and had no issue with it.

I am not sure if I can give any advice to people in the future who have encountered this problem.
A bit random, not tragic, more of a funny one.


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@Kenshin -

Wow - the box that won’t die! What browser are you using - if it is IE, have you tried in Chrome since IE does have some challenges with Miro? Have you tried deleting the cards using the Miro desktop app?



I m have the same issue, I recorder what’s happening, does anyone have some clue?


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Hi @Ben Chase,

Clicking on the plus sign/the area below the current card will create an additional/new card.

After you delete a card, are you accidentally clicking that area to create a new one?

Michael Sohn