Entering issue – prompted to "Tell us about your team"

Opening the link, Miro asks incoming questions every time I log in. What`s wrong with it?




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@Dima_bama - There was a similar post from a few days ago where a someone using the Brave browser was receiving the same popup. While you may not be using the same browser, it’s worth noting there are still some browser-setting requirements in order for Miro to function correctly. Here is a list of support browsers →

If you are not using the Brave browser, can you tell us about your setup? E.g.,

  • What browser you are using?
  • Or are you using the desktop app (or some other app? E.g., tablet or mobile?)
  • What OS are you using, e.g., Windows, macOS, iOS, Android?

Hi, Robert! I`m using:

  • Chrome
  • on a laptop without app
  • Windows 11
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@Dima_bama - Thanks for confirming your set up.

Opening the link, Miro asks incoming questions every time I log in.

I should take a step back and ask, which “link” are you referring to? Is this a link someone sent you? A shortcut you made?

What happens when you go to →

Are you able to use Miro at all?

And, what plan/subscription type do you have with Miro? 

If you have a paid Miro subscription, you can open a Miro support ticket by following these instructions:

I was invited via the link in my email at the beginning.

When I go that link, I see the same 7 questions.

After answering the questions, I can use app.

I use free plan.

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@Dima_bama - Again, your issue is sounding similar to this post where the the user’s browser was blocking certain elements as maybe being ad/marking related.

Things to try:

  • For starters, try another browser, e.g., you should have Edge installed on your Windows 11 machine. If it works in Edge, then you could very likely have an ad blocking extension installed in Chrome.
    • Try disabling all browser extensions in Chrome.
  • Try the Miro desktop app. If this works, then (again) it shows the issue is within Chrome.

@Dima_bama I have had the same problem for a long time. Disable your adblock and on top of that, make sure to delete the cookies specific to the Miro website (you can also delete all cookies if you want)

I deleted cookies and everything is working correctly now. Thank you!

Perfect glad to hear!


I had the same issue: when I was trying to open a board from a direct link or my dashboard, it always opened the “tell us about your team” form.

Deleting the Miro cookies solved it. Thank you!

I was using Chrome without an adblocker.