Deeplink to Board in Desktop App Without Launching Browser

  • 19 June 2024
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Is it possible to deeplink to a specific board in the Miro desktop app without launching a browser?

Thank you in advance.



Best answer by agrandy 8 July 2024, 02:34

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5 replies

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Hi @agrandy 

I’ve never been able to get this to work - but I’ve also never had the motivation to really try - but still you might find this discussion useful:

Good luck! Ken

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Thank you, @Kenneth Ritley. Will take a look!

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Hi, @Kenneth Ritley!

I finally gave your recommendation on the above linked thread a try. My use case is deep linking to a Miro board in the app and bypassing the browser by pressing a Stream Deck button.

When I program a Stream Deck button using “Open” (typically used to launch an app) with the convention below, it deep links to the board in the app without launching a browser. Exactly what I want!

open -a miro "”

Thank you!


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Hi @agrandy  - Glad it worked out!  Sort of takes me back to the 1990’s when all apps worked like this!

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hi @agrandy 


Great to hear it worked out! Thanks @Kenneth Ritley for the tips!