Introducing Your Newest AI Partner, Miro AI (Beta)

  • 18 October 2023
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Introducing Your Newest AI Partner, Miro AI (Beta)
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Build the next big thing with a prompt, a chat, and a click, Introducing Beta for Miro Assist!


Miro community! 


We’re excited to introduce Miro Assist, your AI partner that uses your board content to help you do your best work, faster. With Miro Assist you can…

  • Rapidly discover new topics and ideas, so teams can go from ideation to action.
  • Extract insights from unstructured data, so teams can make better decisions — without team bias.
  • Kickstart product development workflows and instantly visualize complex information in structured models


We’re working hard to make Miro Assist available to more of you soon! Your feedback, ideas, and insights are crucial in helping us shape Miro Assist to better serve your needs so continue to share, innovate, and connect with us and answer any of  these questions in the comments below: 

  • Share your thoughts: What are your initial thoughts on Miro Assist? How do you envision it benefiting your projects, teams, and workflows? Let us know!
  • Innovate with us: Do you have any creative ideas to make Miro Assist even more powerful? Share your thoughts and let's collaborate on turning them into reality.
  • Connect and learn: Join other Miro Assist enthusiasts on October 26th for a Networking and interactive Miro Assist Workshop led by community Miro Heroe and Miro Assist enthusiast, Annie MacLeod. Exchange ideas, collaborate, and learn from each other's experiences in the 1-hour online event 

Our team will be following this thread and can’t wait to continue the conversation with Miro Assist! To try this new feature and learn more visit

7 replies

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Exciting! I asked ChatGPT what they thought:


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For anyone else who’s wondering, white many of the Miro AI features are currently available on most plans, the “Assist Chat” feature shown in Distributed ‘23’s keynote Navigating tomorrow with Miro is likely the one being advertised as being available as of November 1, 2023:



So, I want to set default node shape. Now, how do I get help with this? Miro assist suggests I utilize a context menu option - but it does not actually exist. I go to Google and type “how to set default node shape on Miro”:

But that makes no sense and does not help me, right? 

So where do I find how to do the most basic thing on Miro?

I would suggest that your help system & RAG process for retrieving product info may be broken?

Have you actually user tested your help system?




I am using it as a university professor. I can't use the miro AI.

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I am using it as a university professor. I can't use the miro AI.

@ShinJinHo - Correct. Miro Assist beta is currently not available for Education Plans:


When will Miro AI come out of Beta?

Can you share when this will happen?

Which plans it will apply to?

 - If it is not going to be available for all plans, please specify the cost of getting it. Thanks

Miro AI is a fantastic feature, lifting everything up to the next level. I think Miro will Integrate AI more efficiently in the future, so it will expand beyond just a notes, images or chat. Maybe it will be possible to create entire framework with organized data just with the right AI chat prompt!. 👋🏻

Overall great news!