When zoom in / out some content disappears

  • 21 September 2021
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This is a very annoying issues. Especially when I have to present to serious clients.
I tend to add a lot of images to the board. So when I zoom out some of them just disappear!!! 

I have to zoom in to see them again.

Can you please fix it?

It looks terrible in presentations!

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Hi @Anastasija 

Thanks for reaching out!

We’ve converted your post into a ticket because this particular case requires further investigation. Rest assured soon you will be approached by Customer Support Team!

To add, the board performance mostly depends on the board content itself: the size and quantity of images and files uploaded to the board. The larger and more packed your board is, the longer it can take to load and the slower to navigate.

The size of your frames can also affect frame or board export and it might require you to split the board into smaller parts (by cutting a part of the board content into a new board to free up the space). We're currently working on some significant improvements here, so the process will be much smoother in the future.

Apart from the content, board performance is influenced to a large extent by your device, browser, and network connection. You can learn more about the recommended requirements and technical guidelines in these articles: Supported Browsers and System Requirements.

For optimal performance, we recommend:

  1. Using Chrome browser > opening the board in incognito mode to troubleshoot the performance locally.
  2. Switching to a faster network (you can try different VPNs to speed up the connection).
  3. Using a device with more RAM (not a tablet), if possible.

Finally, feel free to read this article on Tips to Optimize Board Performance for more detailed guidelines.