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I have been working from home for almost 3 years now and it has been a struggle to find that lucrative work-life balance. Previously, I was in a 1 bedroom apartment and I had to work at my dining room table or a tiny space in my living room and it was hard to get away from work at the end of the day and I experienced intense burnout.

Recently I moved into my first home (YAY!) and it was a MUST that I have my own office space and now I feel so much better. I know not everyone has this luxury but you’ve made it work. So, I’m asking that you share your WFH space. What makes it great? What do you wish you had? Any tips to make a non traditional work area well...workable? 

Here’s mine. I’m obsessed with Funko pops and they keep a smile on my face. My “co-workers” also keep me sane when I’m alone in this room most of the day. Looking to get some artwork soon! 

Some of my co-workers 


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Hi @Brittni ,

I feel ya. I’m still in a 1 bedroom apartment and... am working from my dining room table in my tiny living room. 😂But so far it works. Here’s a photo of my makeshift set up! 


I have a traveling setup when I’m out and about (not so much anymore). This is a picture of my home office work in progress project.

I got my Fuji camera hooked up to an external recorder (weird hack to make the HDMI signal work) and to a Blackmagic UltraStudio mini video encoder. Audio is going to a Zoom F4 recorder.

When I’m on a Zoom call, I get crispy video and deep audio. On the last call, someone said I sounded like I was at a recording studio.


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That’s a pretty cool set up @Daniel Hoang ! Thanks for sharing 🙂 I love that recording studio feel. 

What does your traveling set up consist of? I’ll sometimes do some traveling for work - well I used to - and it’s sooooo difficult just being comfortable in a hotel working. It feels stale and I’m unproductive. 

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My WFH set-up includes: my beautiful boy, toys, toys, more toys, trains, tents, and more toys. Anything to keep the little one distracted from my computer :laughing:



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Omg @Kyle.C I love him so much! Those cheeks!!!!!! 


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Here’s mine - the main additions since the increased volume of WFH with the pandemic has been the digital tablet for annotating slide decks and freeform drawing, the two LED lights for making my green screen work better and the makeshift stand for my laptop so my web camera is roughly eye level.

I’d love to get a standing desk, but I think my wife will frown on further home office purchases :joy:.

Notice the all important coffee cup!


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I just got a standing desk! I work in the living room. I just throw on my noise canceling headphones to keep me focused. 

Hopefully I can get an office when I move into a house :grin:


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Built a standing desk platform and joined “Team Standing Desk” … took a few days to get the body fully on board … but now I love it! 

Any good reccomendations on a PC mouse with two-finger-side swipe for sideways scroll ... ?   I use a PC/Windows machine but am using an Apple Magic Mouse because it has the best combination of movement of the mouse for cursor move and swipe of the fingers for scroll up/down and side/side.     ... but there’s other issues with AMM, including its high price, bluetooth flakeyness, (Magic Mouse 2 is hard to get drivers for and Apple Mouse 1 uses AA batteries, which shake loose and temporarily toggle the mouse off and on.  


Has anyone tried out the Microsoft Arc Mouse?



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This has been my first experience of working from home. The best part? Having my own coffee on-hand.



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Thought I’d post an update to my working space. Circled a few key items which have been added since the first image I posted:

  • All important Miro-branded lip balm (thanks @Marina !) to keep my lips moisturized when facilitating day-long workshops
  • A boom external microphone because headsets get too hot and irritating to wear after an hour or two
  • An external web camera to get a better image for video conferences


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@Kiron Bondale I’m happy you liked the lip balm :blush:  And a cool update to a home set up! I feel your pain about the headset :head_bandage:

@Rob Johnson coffee at hand is just perfect :coffee::yum:

It seems to me we even won’t want to go back to our offices since we create all the comfort at home. What do you think?

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@Jeff Jean-baptiste what brand is that desk you have?

I know I’ll be working from home much more often now and I’ve been looking for a better desk.

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@Kyle.C I got it from Autonomous. Here’s a Link


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Agreed! Whenever I imagined working from home, I saw myself being too distracted. Now that I’ve been doing it for four months, I feel that I’ve adjusted to this lifestyle/workstyle and I’m not too keen on going back… accept maybe that we’ll all be going back to a brand new office that has been under construction for the past 1.5 years.

Some other things I’ve noted:


  • I have been making breakfast/lunch at home vs spending money in the cafeteria.
  • No more commute to the office (which was only 3.2 km/2 mi anyway).
  • $0 on spent on gas or parking.
  • Once I have have finished a pot of coffee, six steps later I’m in the kitchen making another.
  • Bluetooth spouse/noise-cancelling headphones (she has them too :wink:) - Allows me to multitask during meetings, e.g., accept parcels at the door, go to the bathroom (you know you’ve done it too), make coffee.
  • No more finding a meeting room when booking meetings!
  • I can pick away on personal projects on my breaks.
  • We headed into this pandemic as our long, cold, dark winter was ending.
  • Using Miro more! I discovered RealtimeBoard back in March 2018 and after demoing it to 100+ people both internal and external to the organization, we finally have a number of teams using it.


  • Needy cats who are going to be pissed when/if we go back to the office.
  • Personal projects staring me in the face all day.
  • I'm paying all of the bills now (water, power, natural gas).
  • I guess sometimes, sure, I miss interacting with other humans.
  • I can’t just turn my head and ask a teammate a question anytime I want (surely a Pro for them).
  • Not being able to walk out my office door and go for a stroll to a restaurant/coffee shop.

Cheers! :beers: