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Tue, Apr 19, 4:15 PM - 6:15 PM (UTC)

Making the Most of LinkedIn for Your Startup

About this event

LinkedIn is so much more than your online resume or CV. With 810 million individuals and 57 million companies, including key decision-makers, using the platform, there’s immense  opportunity to gain new business, position yourself as a mover and shaker in the industry, and find new talent. Yet, most people miss out on these chances to enhance sales, recruiting, and marketing efforts — fewer than 1% of LinkedIn users create content.

So, how can you tap into  this enormous opportunity for your startup?  

During this interactive LinkedIn workshop organized by the Miro Startup Program, you will learn:

  • Core stats and how the LinkedIn algorithm works 

  • How to set up the marketing, recruiting, and sales strategy on LinkedIn 

  • Advice for optimizing your personal profile to create trust and confidence — and common mistakes to avoid

  • How to write impactful content that will create the desired impact with decision-makers 

  • Tips for finding the right contacts and learn best practices for reaching out to them 

  • How to utilize KOL strategy, which is a go-to in 2022

  • Shaping a content strategy for your startup, so you’ll never run out of ideas on what to publish

Maja is a Miroverse creator and we will use segments of her Linkedin Opizimation Template

Maja Voje is a globally recognized growth advisor, lecturer, and consultant. She has led major brands, including Google, Bayer, Heineken, and Rocket Internet, helping companies invest up to $25 million and scale from 20 million up to 100 million in yearly revenue. 

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Tue, Apr 19, 4:15 PM - 6:15 PM (UTC)