Need help with API automation

  • 6 February 2022
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Hi Community,

here is what Im trying to do without large coding experience.

I wanna set up a learning room in Gather.Town. Every User should be able to create a own room here (this allready works via API). Every Room should have a pre defined set of embedded Miro Boards, with Templates that shall be filled with content. Since the room generates automaticly via API triggered by Zapier. I also wanna duplicate the existing boards (that allready worked).
The duplicated boards are always set on private. Therefore new users cant get access to them to edit. Is there a way to set the duplicated board on public or on password?
I found this:
I actually can trigger Javascript via Zapier. So is that the way to set a automaticly duplicated board to public and editable?

Thank you!

1 reply

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Have you tried using the method to update the board?

I believe this should do the trick!