Low board sharing speed

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Hello. I’m sharing board using rest API. But sharing speed is quite low…about  4.91s/board. What the reason? Maybe something wrong? Python scripts using requests

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It's very sad that no one replied 😥

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@Aleksandr Chilikin - It had only been 7 hours from when you posted until you replied. There is no guaranteed response time on this forum.

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Oh, sorry. I understand. But expected for quick help😁

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Hi @Aleksandr Chilikin,


This API usually doesn’t take so long to execute. The team has been doing so investigation. From what we see from the logs (if we are not mistaken) it seems that you have a use-case where a user is explicitly invited to thousands of boards and this could cause some performance issues. We will be very interested to better understand your use-case and what you are trying to solve. Would you mind sharing more detail about it either here or in private message with me?


In parallel our engineering departement is working on a larger project to improve performances for such cases but this is a bigger project than fixing the response time of this API endpoint. 

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Hello @Anthony Roux Yes of course..i’m trying to share all our board to user. I stoped the process here is some info: 4473 of 9514 boards was shared; it spent 8:07:18 and total time aprox 19:09:11

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But as I know the “price” is 500 creds, so the speed should be 200 boards per minute