Is there an easy way to calculate dates automatically for a calendar?

  • 12 May 2020
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I’m building a class calendar using the Monthly Planner template.  I’m wondering if there’s a way using JavaScript, Python, or simply a unknown-to-me feature that lets me easily start a calendar on a date and have it fill in the rest of the date labels on the calendar.  Seems like this should be a built-in, commonly used feature, but apparently not.

Or, alternatively, is there a better calendar template?  I do semester-long calendars that map out an entire course with milestones, holidays, lectures and assignments.  There seems to be two versions of the Monthly Planner template.  When you create it in the browser app, it’s a weekly planner with generic labels.  If you create one using the desktop app, it’s more like a familiar calendar grid, but without dates.


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Hi @Steve Stringer

Though the feature to calculate dates automatically in the Monthly Planner template is not presented in the product at the moment, templates can be customized with our JavaScript SDK:

Yep, it looks like we have 2 types of the Monthly Plannter template. If none of the versions work for you, you may share your suggestion for another type of the calendar template in the Wish list. Feel free to describe the template that would be effective in your workflow and your use case as well. :slight_smile:

I miss this feature too … a template with a monthly calendar updated with the current date and day of the week … thank you!!