Group object is not persisted after element was deleted in UI

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Hi, i come from my another question where i added items to existing group. But i encountered not expected behaviour when fetching selected group. What i do:

  • Select group of items and run my code (see bellow):


  • Delete one item from this group via UI
  • Select this group again. I can see, that counter of the items updated in UI
  • Then i run my code wich triggers onClick()(thanks to @Mettin ):  
    export async function checkGroupItems() {
    let selectedElements = await miro.board.getSelection();
    if (selectedElements) {
    let group = await miro.board.getById(selectedElements[0].groupId);


  • And i still get that deleted item in group.items


Is this a bug or is it my code caches group in somewhere? I call my function from app.jsx

<div className="cs1 ce12">
onClick={(event) => checkGroupItems()}
className="button button-primary"
Check group items

I come from Java so i may not quite understand caching in js or how script file itself stored in memory. 

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I asked my colleague that worked on the grouping SDK methods to take a look. One small thing: Your `<a/>` tag should be a `<button/>` tag since you are not linking anywhere but executing an action

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Thanks, that works too. Im doing ui thing for a 3rd day and i have no idea what’s going on there apart from some info from tutorials and just want to execute some code with buttons.

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Well cool to hear you started with Miro right away!

Lesson of the day:
Go to another page? <a/>
Execute an action? <button/>