Working alone on Miro

  • 11 June 2021
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Does anyone ever work alone on Miro? I am an associate professor who teaches African American Literature and Womanist Studies. I discovered Miro in a teaching workshop but loved the way I could connect and develop my own ideas. It was wonderful for a while. I even mapped an outline for an upcoming course and a book… And then it all went away. I tried to enclose the content in a frame and six attempts later I now have six Frame #5, none of which contain any of the content.  

Has anyone else been trapped in a template? I thought I would explore the Crisis Solver template and now it’s one of the few things on my matter how many times I’ve tried to delete it. 

I’m not completely computer illiterate-- and I really do want to explore my ideas  on an infinite board. 
Have you found a way to save your content? Does anyone else hit “Save and Exit” and find that you’ve

Finally, is anyone in the Community over 60? If so, how are you faring? A shout out of encouragement would go a long, long way!

1 reply

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@adrienne gosselin - I work in Miro about half of the time - to organize my thoughts, map processed, etc.

Regarding your questions around templates - are you able to answer my reply to your post from yesterday?

Screenshots would also really help - video is even better - Greenshot for screenshots and Loom for short videos are handy and free.