Where is my personal workspace?

  • 23 April 2024
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How can I create a personal board? Since I was added to a team, I cannot see mu previous boards, and I just can create boards inside the team. Also, if I try to create a new team (just to move to another workspace) but that requires a premium plan.


So, since I was added to a team I’ve lost my boards, and cannot figure out how to create a personal draft of something.

3 replies

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@Guillermo Pérez - When you are added to a new team, this usually does not result in being removed from other team spaces, unless of course those other spaces are managed under the same subscription/by the same admin.

it is always possible that you created boards in someone else’s team space and then a Team Admin removed you from that space – this is very a very common scenario.

How many team spaces do you currently see from your dashboard? Have you looked for your boards in all of those spaces? For example:


As for being able to create another “free plan” space, you can only do this when your Miro account profile is no longer a member of any team space. When you are already a member of a space and use the Add teams action, you can only choose to purchase a new subscription (as you have learned). Depending on the plan type that you are currently a member of, you should be able to create a new board and set the board’s Team sharing to “No access”, so only you can see the board, which is also referred to as a “private” board. More on this here →

Got it. I only see one team. I was quiet sure I had boards of my own, and not being part of teams before. But apparently being part of a team is mandatory. I don’t know, I registered to Miro long time ago and maybe the product changed.


I’ll see if I can create a private board, thanks. Hopefully that will not make current boards non-editable.



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@Guillermo Pérez - A few other things to check would be:

And, if you have the missing boards in your browser’s history, what happens when you try to open them?