Text Replication Between Sticky Notes or Text Frames

  • 18 January 2021
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Hello Community

this is my first post as an excited user of Miro and extreme novice. A feature that Im curious to ask if it exists is where I might set up a replication function when typing in some text in one part of the board and it appearing on another part of the board  - I understand I can copy and past however I’m trying to avoid the movement between the two places on the board as the first piece of text is being typed. 

The picture I have in my mind is that after I’ve typed or a collaborator has typed the text - when we arrive at the destination later in the process we will find a copy of what was written in an earlier text box or sticky note.

Thanks in advance if you have the time to help on this



1 reply

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Hey @Martino,

There’s no such functionality at the moment. Feel free to submit this idea to the Wish List :slight_smile: 

Make sure to describe your use case, and the problem this functionality will solve. More tips are in this helpful guide