Supporting video preview on miro board

  • 10 April 2021
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Trying to implement integration of Miro with our platform. We serve video, protected by credentials.

I tried using the embed feature with an iframe, and I see the the video preview is not working. Only when I click on the video, it opens up a bigger screen and play it if the security tokens are well established. I read that this video preview only work for public content  for mainstream services like youtube.

However, given we control our videos, what would it take to make the video preview work in Miro with the embed iframe trick?

Thanks in advance for the help


Best answer by Laura Ju 14 April 2021, 11:56

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1 reply

Hi @Eric Owhadi

Do I understand correctly that you're trying to embed a video to a Miro board? In that case, our iframe only shows the preview for the list of the supported services which you can find in this article and as mentioned yourself, only if the media is shared publicly. Unfortunately, private videos are not displayed on Miro boards but you can go to the video source, unless if you set the video to be ‘unlisted’ instead of private. Overall, I am afraid visual preview won't work if the criteria are not met. Sorry for this inconvenience!

Moreover, please feel free to check out the Wish List in our Community. Here you can submit feature requests and upvote the best features you think should be implemented in Miro.