Stickies Capture temporarily unavailable

I’ve seen someone have this issue a year ago and it got resolved, but whenever I try to use the Stickies Capture tool, it tells me that the text recognition is temporarily unavailable. Does anyone know when this will be back up and running?


[KNOWN BUG] Stickies Capture temporarily unavailable | Miro 

^previous case

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@Elianna Flora - I just used the Stickies this from Chrome and the Miro desktop app on Windows 11 and it worked for me. However, it is nearly three days later.

Is it working again for you? If not, what is your set up? E.g., OS, browser type and version or desktop app?

If you are using a paid Miro subscription, you can open a Miro support ticket by following these instructions:

It does work now! Must’ve just been down for a short period. Thanks for the update!

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Hi @Elianna Flora 


Great to hear it worked out for you! Thanks for letting us know.