Revisited: File download from Miro Board does not work

  • 16 April 2021
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I have found a couple of entries in this community listing that are similar to my problem, but different:  when I share a link to others inviting them to a board I create as a licensed consultant plan user, those users no longer have the abilithy to download files I’ve placed on that board.  They receive the error "Download is not allowed. Board owners can turn this on in settings."

I am familiar with the settings that are explained in Miro help, and this has worked fine for me over many months.

The ability for a paid user to share a board freely with non-paying users was a feature that was in beta, but the beta status went away some weeks ago, so I view this as a supported feature.

Has something changed? I no longer see the option in board permissions to allow “anyone with the board access.”

Any info would be greatly appreciated.



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@Peter J Borsella - If you are only seeing the following three options (with the checkmarks) and not the “Anyone with board access” option:


Then someone may have chosen “Only team members” in the team’s Board content settings permissions:


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Thank you for such a prompt response!  Your message makes perfect sense, and, you were correct:  I had to change the “copy board content” setting.  After doing that, I did then find “anyone with the board access” option on the specific board sharing setting.

And yet, the problem persists.  I thought for sure this would have fixed it, but the behavior that prevents an external guest from download remains.

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@Peter J Borsella - If this still isn’t working for you, I suspect that your guest is not a registered user. I will explain further.

A board “guest” is anyone on a board that is not a member of the team in which the board is located. There are also two types of guests:

  1. Registered - a guest who has a Miro account and is signed in to that account at the time they are on your board
  2. Anonymous - this person does not have a Miro account (or is at least not signed in to any account at the time they are on your board). Replicating this scenario is easy: Just sign out of your Miro account--or easier yet, open a private/incognito browser window--and browse t the Miro board from there.

So, why is this still not working? I suspect your guest is anonymous/unregistered while on the board and is being impacted by a very recent change/potential bug and is experiencing the same issue as the user in this post:

The message being seen by anonymous guests is as follows:

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@Peter J Borsella - To see this in action, open the following board from the browser in which you are signed into your Miro account and you should be able to download the PDF.

But open it a private/incognito window and you won’t be able to.

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Once again, you are correct!  I just experimented with what you recommended by comparing an attempt while not logged in with an attempt while logged in and can see the difference.  

The impact for me is that my “guests” will need to create a Miro account before they can access my downloads, and that’s something I can work with.

I am so grateful you were able to help figure this out, thank you!

Do you expect the behavior will remain as-is, or will there be a return to the approach that allows non-registered guests to download?


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@Peter J Borsella - Great to hear that you’ve got it sorted!

I am hoping that with feedback from various users, Miro will rethink the approach. If you open the post I listed above, you should be able to click on the “subscribe” link under the main post and will receive any updates to that post.

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Will do, and thanks again!