Recent "improvements" have messed me up - snap-to-grid and highlighting objects

  • 18 June 2024
  • 1 reply

Recent changes have wrecked one of my use cases. I want to be able to record videos of moving objects around to precise locations, with no visual clutter–Just the object and my cursor. 

First problem: The recent “snap to grid” changes have given a grid that is too fine - objects snap to the nearest 0.25 square, as opposed to, you know, the actual grid.

Having too fine a grid defeats the purpose of having snap-to-grid, as I’m now constantly compensating for the quarter square thing. It’s forcing me to aim carefully instead of just getting on smoothly with the video.

Second problem: Objects that I’m moving are now highlighted with a grey border–More visual clutter. I just want to grab that object and move it, I don’t want any borders or alignment guides to appear in the video. Can we have an option that turns the border off, please?


1 reply

Addendum to the above - the grey highlighting only appears when the object is on a frame. When it’s alone on the canvas, no grey highlighting appears.