Query for all Jira Cards in a specific area of a board

  • 8 October 2021
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Hi there,

we are using Jira Cards extensively in planning events. In the end, we come up with a set of Jira cards in specific areas of a MIRO board which are planned for s specific timebox or milestone.

Currently, I manually create lists of the Jira Cards based on where they are put on the MIRO board. It would be very nice to have a possibility to create such a list automatically or even have a filter available in Jira which returns all the issues for which there is a card in a specific region on a board.

Is there anything like this available?


1 reply

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 Hi @Peter Wieland,

Thank you for your great question!

Unfortunately, there is no such a option as generate a list in one click. In order to make sure your ideas reach our product team, would you please so kind to submit your idea to our Wish List?

By adding your idea, you’ll help us collect all the feedback in one place and create a live community of passionate contributors that drives change together!

Nevertheless, you can try using the following workaround:

1). You should create an individual frame for each group of Jira Card and name those frames

2). Export the board in CSV format and you will see the list of all cards by category (as per created frames). 

It’s not a perfect solutions, but at least you don’t need to type the names of all cards.

Hope this helps. Thank you for using Miro!