No spelling corrections?

  • 24 August 2020
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In the Notes panel its really nice that a typo gets red-squiggle under it - but not to so great that the universal right-click for corrections doesn’t function as expected. Instead ALL we get is a menu to format and leave comments etc 

Under some circumstances the menu doesn’t appear - If the menu is several inches below the mouse pointer and the click is close to the bottom edge of the window then no menu 

6 replies

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Hi @Simon.Harris,

I’ve moved this message to the Got a question section, as I’m not sure what your idea/question is. Will you please clarify? If it feels more like a bug, could you please reach out to the Support team directly?

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No probs w/ moving it

The 2 points are “you don’t get spelling corrections” and sometimes the menu is off the screen

I’d say they are bugs - is there a buglist anywhere?


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No, there is no buglist. 

As for the first point, we don’t have a spell check yet (here’s a Wish List item). It seems to be your system’s spell check setting and the system menu should appear as you right-click the underlined word while you are in the edit mode.

And as for the second point, will you please send a screenshot of the issue to the Support team?

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So spell-check works in the browser but NOT the app - no pop-up

Its possible I was seeing the app behaviour and browser behaviour and not being aware when i was in which - i’ll post more detailed workflow description if i get a repeat



I also have this problem.  

If i add a sticky note, it will underline the word that is spelled wrong. 

If i right click on the underlined word.  i get no menu or options to correct the word.

if I right click outside the note, is get a context menu as expected.   


I am on a Mac running 10.13.6 (with all the latest update)

I am running Miro version 0.4.2


This shows what happens with I type a note
This is what it does when I right click


It would be great to have spelling correction (right now I only see there is a problem but i can’t fix it) inside of the App’s as you have this availability in the browser