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It would be very helpful for Miro to either have a spell checking facility or integrate to a service such as Grammarly. As obviously you only spot your mistakes when either presenting your frames or printing them out for review!



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Thanks for sharing, @Robert van Tol. I understand you :hand_splayed_tone2:

Spell checker is in the backlog, no ETA so far, so stay tuned! 

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MIro definitely needs in-app spell checking. I use this tool to present to executives and it’s hard to catch any typos across all of the boards/frames. The workaround suggested (turning on “correct spelling automatically” ) does not work within Miro. If the Miro team doesn’t want to spend time building it, allow 3rd party plugins like Grammarly. 

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You can use LanguageTool



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Spellcheck works in the browser, but not in the desktop app (macos). 

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I would be happy to pay for a spell check as a bolt on for the app.  It really disturbs the flow of a workshop or presentation when people are calling out the spelling mistakes as you go. 

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Chromes spell checker works fine with Miro but I would really like to use Grammarly instead.  Me not so smart sometimes.

Y’all, PLEASE!

I know you must have a crazy back-log, but please please please please please integrate some sort of spell checker to your desktop tools. I’m currently having to switch back and forth between the desktop and web versions so I can check, or I’m pulling all my copy into a separate Grammarly instance. I love this tool, and I’ve advocated for it within my organization. We use it to plan projects, organize materials, synthesize research, to run workshops… I need y’all to build a spell checker. Also, a Grammarly integration would be heaven

Pretty please, with all my money on top.

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Spell check in the native apps would be a most welcome feature.

Spell checker integration would help my work so much!

Spell checker integration would help my work so much!

As Jarod’s manager, I support this feature request!

Spell checker integration would help my work so much!

As Jarod’s mentor, I support this feature request!

Spell checker integration would help my work so much!

As Jarod’s editor, I support this feature request!

Miro is not just a collaboration tool for some of us. It’s also how we present and share ideas with our leaders. The lack of spellcheck in the desktop app is a major issue. I can see the case for “we want you to focus on ideas, not spelling” but when I know I’m going to show my leaders my work on the Miro board I find myself getting out of a flow state to double-check spelling and copy/paste it into something else that does spell check. 


PLEASE, add spellcheck to the desktop apps. 

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Please prioritise this feature.

As a dyslexic, I rely on spell checkers especially when I’m sharing work with clients.




Thank you for adding spell check on the latest release.  HOWEVER, you took the suggestion too literally, and didn’t include the part to offer spelling suggestions.  It was a total tease.

IMO, there was no point to release it half baked.  Those little red lines are just mocking me.  I’m going back to Chrome.   

Why not just make Grammarly a plug-in? 

You can use LanguageTool


Is this the webApp or the stand-alone app?


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I’m using the Desktop App on Windows.

Spell check seems to work for my Windows native language.

How do I switch to english?

Thanks !

Yes! We definitely need spell check and NOT only in English on the desktop Miro app


I don’t know who Jarod but I really want a working spell checker in the app too.

I think this would change my life.

I think this would change my life.

boom. 4 days later. Amazing! 
NPS 100%

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Holy shirtballs! I was just working in the Miro desktop app (Windows 64-bit, v0.5.2) and when I right-clicked on a word that spell check highlighted as being misspelled a list of suggestions appeared!