Managing Miro without a license

  • 8 December 2021
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Hi, I have just set up Miro for our team and as administrator I would like to be able to manage the users (who has a license, inviting new users etc.)

I don’t need access to any boards or to use the tools themselves, just user and billing management. Do I need to assign myself a paid license just for this management?

4 replies

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@Gogevi - This is not currently possible. I would suggest that you upvote this wish list post:

Ok, thanks for the information

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You’re welcome!

While we’re on the topic of management without consuming a license, I will note for other readers that it is possible to at least be the Billing Admin without consuming a license - this is noted in the Admin Rights Help Center article FAQ #4:

I don't want to take a paid seat in the team, but I want to be the payer and receive billing information.
- You can upgrade the account and leave it or ask the admin to remove you. Payment receipts are sent to the email address stated in the Billing section of your team settings. A Team Admin can provide any address there thus you don't have to take a seat in this case. To change billing email open team Settings > Billing section > Overview tab > Billing actions > Change email.

Hi @Gogevi, You can convert the Company admin to Free restricted and save a full seat. You still get the full admin rights but no edit rights for boards. The only prerequisite is that the " Flexible License Program must be enabled" on your Enterprise plan to get the option for conversion to Free restricted.

I hope the information helps!